Book Chapters

  • Foth, M., Forlano, L., & Bilandzic, M. (2016). Mapping New Work Practices in the Smart City. In H. Friese, G. Rebane, M. Nolden & M. Schreiter (Eds.), Handbuch Soziale Praktiken und Digitale Alltagswelten. Wiesbaden, Germany: Springer. ISBN 978-3-658-08460-8. (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., Foth, M. (2015) Designing Hubs for Connected Learning – Social,
    Spatial and Technological Insights from Coworking, Hackerpaces and Meetup Groups. In L. Carvalho, P. Goodyear, & M. de Laat (Eds.), Place-Based Spaces for Networked Learning, Routledge (pdf)
  • Foth, M., Satchell, C., Bilandzic, M., Hearn, G., & Shelton, D. (2012). Dramatic Character Development Personas to Tailor Apartment Designs for Different Residential Lifestyles. In M. Foth, L. Forlano, C. Satchell, & M. Gibbs (Eds.), From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen: Urban Informatics, Social Media, Ubiquitous Computing, and Mobile Technology to Support Citizen Engagement. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. ISBN 978-0-262-01651-3 (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., & Foth, M. (2009). Mobile Spatial Interaction and Mediated Social Navigation. In M. Khosrow-Pour (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology (2nd ed.) (pp. 2604-2608). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., & Foth, M. (2009). Social Navigation and Local Folksonomies: Technical and Design Considerations for a Mobile Information System. In S. Hatzipanagos & S. Warburton (Eds.), Social Software and Developing Community Ontologies (pp. 52-66). Hershey, PA: IGI Global (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., Barskaia, E., Kupec, J., Konrad, N., Vetter, J. (2005). Automation Society at Home. In Dornbusch, P., Sandner, U., Sties, P., Zündt, M. (Eds.), Fixed Mobile Convergence, Trend Report 2005, ISBN 3-9808842-4-4 (www)

Journal Articles

  • Bilandzic, M., (2013) Connected learning in the library as a product of hacking, making, social diversity and messiness. Interactive Learning Environments. (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., & Johnson, D. (2013) Hybrid placemaking in the library: Designing digital technology to enhance users’ on-site experience. Australian Library Journal. (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., & Foth, M. (2013) Libraries as co-working spaces: understanding user motivations and perceived barriers to social learning. Library Hi Tech, 31(2). (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., & Foth, M. (2013) Learning beyond books: strategies for ambient media to improve libraries and collaboration spaces as interfaces for social learning. Multimedia Tools and Applications. (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., & Foth, M. (2012). A Review of Locative Media, Mobile and Embodied Spatial Interaction. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 70(1), 66-71 (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., & Venable, J. (2011) Towards participatory action design research: adapting action research and design science research methods for urban informatics. Journal of Community Informatics, 7(3). (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., & Foth, M. (2007) Urban computing and mobile devices: Mobile Location Bookmarking. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 6(3), p. 53. (eprints)

Conference Papers

  • Eiband, M., Schneider, H., Bilandzic, M., Fazekas-Con, J., Haug, M., Hussmann, H. (2018) Bringing Transparency Design into Practice. In IUI ’18: Proceedings of the 23nd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces. Tokyo, Japan, 7-11 March, 2018. ACM, New York, NY, USA. (pdf)
  • Bilandzic, M., Schroeter, R., & Foth, M. (2013) Gelatine: Making coworking places gel for better collaboration and social learning. In Proceedings of OZCHI 2013, 25-29 November 2013, Flinders University, Adelaide, SA. (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2013) Checking-in at the library: designing an ambient media system for social learning and collaboration opportunities. In ALIA Information Online 2013, 12-15 February 2013, Brisbane, QLD. (eprints)
  • Caldwell, G., Bilandzic, M., & Foth, M. (2012) Towards visualising people’s ecology of hybrid personal learning environments. In Brynskov, Martin (Ed.) Proceedings of the Media Architecture Biennale 2012, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Aarhus, Denmark, pp. 13-22. (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2010) The Embodied Hybrid Space: Designing Ubiquitous Computing towards an Amplification of Situated Real World Experiences. In Proceedings of OZCHI 2010 : Design – Interaction – Participation, Brisbane, Australia. (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., Menkens, C., Sussmann, J., Kleine-Albers, D., Bittner, E., Golpaygani, A., Mehl, B., Huckestein, J., Khelil, O. (2010). SociCare: Towards a Context Aware Mobile Community Emergency System. In Mobile Wireless Middleware, Operating Systems, and Applications (pp. 338-352): Springer. (eprints)
  • Krcmar, H., Bilandzic, M., (2009) Embedded Systems – Threats and Opportunities for Telecommunication Providers, Technology Radar Feature Paper, Edition I/2009, Deutsche Telekom (eprints)
  • Wiesner, K., Foth, M., & Bilandzic, M., (2009). Unleashing Creative Writers: Situated Engagement with Mobile Narratives. In J. Kjeldskov, J. Paay & S. Viller (Eds.), Proceedings OZCHI 2009 (pp.373-376). Melbourne, VIC: The University of Melbourne. (eprints)
  • Ziaie, P., Jayaram, B. G., Bilandzic, M., and Krcmar, H. (2009). Introducing a Framework to Capture and Reuse Tacit Knowledge in Software Project Management. AMCIS 2009 Proceedings. (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., Filonik, D., Gross, M., Hackel, A., Mangesius, H., Krcmar, H. (2009) A Mobile Application to Support Phatic Communication in the Hybrid Space. Paper presented at 6th International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations (ITNG 2009), Las Vegas, USA (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., Banholzer, M., Peev, D., Georgiev, V., Balagtas-Fernandez, F., & De Luca, A. (2008). Laermometer – A Mobile Noise Mapping Application. Paper presented at NordiCHI 2008. Lund, Sweden. (eprints)
  • Foth, M., Choi, J. H.-j., Bilandzic, M., & Satchell, C. (2008). Collective and Network Sociality in an Urban Village. In A. Lugmayr (Ed.), Proceedings ACM SIGCHI MindTrek conference. Tampere, Finland. (eprints)
  • Bilandzic, M., Foth, M., & De Luca, A. (2008). CityFlocks: Designing Social Navigation for Urban Mobile Information Systems. In G. Marsden, I. Ladeira & P. Kotze (Eds.), Proceedings ACM SIGCHI Designing Interactive Systems (DIS). Cape Town, South Africa. (eprints)
  • Klaebe, H., Foth, M., Burgess, J., & Bilandzic, M., (2007) Digital Storytelling and History Lines: Community Engagement in a Master-Planned Development. In Proceedings 13th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM’07). Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Heidelberg: Springer. (eprints)
  • Kranz, M., Holleis, P., Grueber, C., Bilandzic, M., Vetter, J., Schmidt, A. (2006). The Display Cube as Playful TUI to Support Learning. Advances in Pervasive Computing 2006, Pervasive 2006 (eprints)

Workshop Papers

  • Bilandzic, M., Jones, M., & Foth, M. (2011) The embodied hybrid space: designing for digital encounters in physical environments. In Lugmayr, Artur (Ed.) Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Semantic Ambient Media Experience (SAME 2011), Ambient Media Association, Brisbane. (eprints)
  • Wiesner, K., Foth, M., Bilandzic, M., & Krcmar, H. (2009, Sep 15-18). Restrictions and Constraints in Mobile Narratives for Place-based Community Engagement. Paper presented at the Community Practices and Locative Media Workshop, MobileHCI, Bonn, Germany. (eprints)


  • Bilandzic, M., (2013) The Embodied Hybrid Space: Designing Social and Digital Interventions to Facilitate Connected Learning in Coworking Spaces. PhD by Publication, Queensland University of Technology. (pdf)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2007) Designing Mobile Systems for Social Navigation in Urban Public Places. Thesis submitted at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München. (eprints)

Invited Presentations

  • Bilandzic, M., (2017, November 27) UX Design in the Real World, Invited presentation at Center for Digital Technology and Management, Technische Universität München.
  • Bilandzic, M., (2017, November 24) Von der Allianz zum Startup: Erfahrungen über Digitale Produktentwicklung, Organisation und Kultur. Invited presentation at Allianz Deutschland AG, Unterföhring.
  • Bilandzic, M., (2017, September 7) PhD in Urban Informatics – And then What?! After-PhD Experiences from Industry and Startups Four Years on. Invited presentation at the Urban Informatics Research Lab, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Bilandzic, M., Castelo, R. (2016, November 29) UX Design at Freeletics, Invited presentation at Center for Digital Technology and Management, Technische Universität München.
  • Bilandzic, M., (2016, May 31) Dizajn suvremenih digitalnih tehnologija i inovacija. Invited presentation at “Akademischer Kreis der Kroatischen katholischen Gemeinde München”, München.
  • Bilandzic, M., (2014, November 27) Designing Innovative Digital Services for Complex Socio-Cultural Environments, Invited presentation at FELD M GmbH, München.
  • Bilandzic, M., (2014, August 26) Learning to Connect – Connecting to Learn. Webinar for VALA – Libraries, Technology and the Future Inc (link)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2013, November 27) About the Importance Physical Spaces Play in a Digital Learning World. Invited interview for the Virgin Big Education Debate 2013 (link, video)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2013, August 30) The Embodied Hybrid Space – Designing Social and Digital Interventions to Facilitate Connected Learning in Coworking Spaces. Invited presentation at Smart City 2013 International Design Exhibition, Beijing Design Week 2013.
  • Bilandzic, M., (2013, June 27) The Library as a Place for Connected Learning and Coworking: Experiences from Designing Social and Digital Interventions. Invited presentation at Emerging Media and New Technologies Forum at State Library of Queensland.
  • Bilandzic, M., (2013, June 21) Visitor Service Officer Workshop: Research Insights on Improving Visitor Experience at The Edge. Invited presentation at The Edge, State Library of Queensland.
  • Baxter, S., Bilandzic, M., Makepeace, N., Stone, G. (2013, April 3). Opening the Vault: Open Data in Queensland. Invited panel discussion by Queensland Government at The Edge, Stanley Place, South Brisbane, Australia (link)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2013, March 21) gov2qld event March 2013: Real Outcomes. Invited panel discussion at the Government 2.0 Community of Practice in Queensland group. Brisbane, Australia (link)
  • Pizag A., Bilandzic M., Walker S.  (2013, March 2) Experiences from the Floor – Coworkers Share Their Experiences. Invited panel discussion at the 1st Coworking Conference Australia 2013, Melbourne, Australia (link)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2012, October 25). LibraryHack and Open Access in the Context of Public Libraries. Invited presentation at the International Open Access Week at QUT Library (link)
  • Foth, M., Forlano, L., & Bilandzic, M., (2012, Jul 13). The City is My Office: Urban Design of Collaboration and Co-working Spaces. Invited presentation at the OII SDP Alumni Conference, Oxford, UK. (link)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2012, May 30) Creativity, Innovation, and Engagement in Library Spaces. Invited guest lecture at QUT for DEN511 – Master of Design by Research course. Brisbane, Australia (link)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2012, April 4) Towards a Design Methodology for Urban Informatics Research. Invited guest lecture at QUT for DEN511 – Master of Design by Research course. Brisbane, Australia (link)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2011, August 30) Designing the Internet of Things in Library Buildings. Invited presentation at the “Internet of Things marries Social Media” workshop at MobileHCI 2011 conference, Stockholm, Sweden (link)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2011, July 11-22) The Embodied Hybrid Space: Designing for Digital Encounters in Physical Places. Invited presentation at the Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme 2011 (OII SDP 2011), Oxford, UK (link)
  • Bilandzic, M., (2010, October 27) Social Interaction and the Hybrid Space: Digital Encounters in Physical Environments. Invited presentation at Ignite10. QUT Creative Industries Research Conference. Brisbane, QLD. (link)
  • Bilandzic, M., & Foth, M. (2007, Sep 5-6). Transferring Web 2.0 Paradigms to a Mobile System for Social Navigation in Public Inner-City Places. Invited presentation at the Towards a Social Science of Web 2.0 Conference, York, UK. (link)
  • Bilandzic, M., & Foth, M. (2007, Sep 3-5). CityFlocks: A Mobile System for Social Navigation in Urban Public Places. Invited presentation at the Locative Media Summer Conference, University of Siegen, Germany. (link)

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