Do you need an enclosure for your RFID project? This is an open-source tab-in-slot design for a laser-cutted box that you might want to use or re-appropriate for your needs.

I am working on an RFID checkin-system that allows people to tap their RFID user card on a networked RFID reader to confirm their presence in a space. The box was designed to hold the RFID reader and all the controlling electronics together, so it can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position. Furthermore, it provides a dedicated place the RFID antenna, so it picks up the card when a user taps the box.

The dimensions are 150 x 150 x 50mm, so it fits an Arduino microcontroller with an Ethernet shield attached to it, as well as an RFID controller and antenna.
The back panel of the box has pre-cutted PCB standoff holes for the Arduino and RFID controller, as well as the SNARC if you choose to use it as an alternative to the Arduino + Ethernetshield. In the back it has holes to attach a power adapter and Ethernet cable, and to mount a piezzo-speaker for auditive feedback after a card was read. The inside of the box has a little tab-in-slotted bench, so the antenna can sit right underneath the front panel – close enough to read cards that are tapped onto the box. The outside of the front panel has a “wireless wave” symbol engraved at the position of the antenna as a hint to users where to tap the card.

The tab-in-slot design is complemented with cutouts for an Interlocking T-Bolt Construction to stabilize the box using 3mm x 10mm machine screws and 3mm nuts.

The design sketch can be laser-cutted from any 3mm thick material. The photos below show an assembled box laser-cutted out of MDF and transparent acrylic.

Find a link to download the design on Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:35238

Collaboration Partners: Mark Bilandzic, Jon Istria

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