TokTok was created as part of the Center Venture 2008 student course at CDTM. The idea of the Center Venture course is to develop an innovative digital product from the initial idea to product launch in 7 days. We documented our TokTok Center Venture week here.

TokTok – Where are you doing?

TokTok is a mobile application aimed at helping people serendipitously encounter their Facebook friends in real life. Whenever a person from your friends list gets nearby, you get a notification on your mobile and can send a TokTok message to check out if he/she wants to catch up. You can set your individual geofence “TokZone” that defines the distance for which you get notified when a friend comes close. Within the TokZone, you can broadcast messages as well to all strangers in your surroundings. This can be helpful when searching for likeminded people in your proximity or need their spontaneous help, e.g., share a ride back home. In your TokTok privacy settings you can decide whether to share or hide your location information. We created Toktok in order to facilitate spontaneous interaction and organization between friends and strangers in the real world.

Get notified when a Friend enters your TokZone

You get informed whenever one of your buddies is closeby. If a friend enters your TokZone, e.g. 100m distance, you get a pop up message on your mobile. Further, you can switch notification functionality on and off (even for individuals) and change the geographical radius of your TokZone. Hence, you can avoid being swamped by messages.


Check the distance to your Facebook-friends

TokTok displays a list of your 20 geographically closest Facebook friends. You can keep up with their current status, see their name and profile picture, and see the exact distance in meters. Why not catching up for a spontanous drink as you know that your friend isn’t far away. Sending a TokTok-message or TokTok-poke is the easiest way to ask.


Broadcast push messages to friends and strangers

TokTok enables you to send push messages to all users within a certain distance (TokZone). Thereby, you can easily get in touch with other users in your proximity.



In collaboration with: Anastasiu Irina, Dönmez Denniz, Drescher Benny, Ermecke Rebecca, Gutheim Philipp, Hackel Andreas, Hoffmann Alexander, Mangesius Herbert, Röhm Tobias, Weinmair Wolfgang, Weghorn Thilo, Wiesner Kevin, Zeisl Bernhard, Zhang Chao

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